Mission City Baseball

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Welcome to the Official Website of Mission City Baseball! Mission City Baseball offers teams at various age levels, including 11 and under through 16 and under. As part of a Mission City team, players will improve their individual athletic skills and baseball IQ, all the while working toward the goal of playing and winning as a team! Any questions can be directed to missioncitybaseball@gmail.com, thank you!


While investigating the Mission City Archives, we came across a few of our former players, some of which have 
gone on to do great things both on and off the baseball field. Check them out as well as the entire Alumni list on the Alumni page!


Andrew Daschbach

MC: 14U 2012      16U 2013

High School: Sacred Heart Prep High School 2016

College: Stanford University

Drafted: Tamba Bay Rays, 40th Round

Joey Ammirato

MC: 14U 2015     16U 2016

High School: Currently at Bellarmine College Prep

College: University of California Berkeley 


Johnny Mendoza

MC:14U 2012       16U 2013

        18U 2014

High School: Saint Francis High School 2016

College: San Jose State University


Jeremy Ydens

MC: 13U 2011    14U 2012     16U 2013   18U 2014

High School: Saint Francis High School 2016

College: UCLA

Drafted: St. Louis Cardinals, Round 40


Mack Cheli

MC: 13U 2012      14U 2013

16U 2014

High School: Saint Francis High School 2017

College: Saint Mary's College


Andrew Martinez

MC: 14U 2012      16U 2013

         18U 2014

High School: Saint Francis High School 2016

College: UC Santa Barbara